​​​2 1/2 roller bed module feeder with BC supply belt and Sam Jackson Hot Box
8' Feed Control with 8' Stationary screen Seperator
(2) 8' Lummus SGH Stick Machines with 8' Inclines (Complete Stacks)
(2) 8' Lummus inclines with 22" vacuums over a Lummus Distributor
Lummus 6' Overflow with Lummus H Separator
1 Lummus 158 with Lummus 700 feeder (Big Shaft)
2 Lummus 128's with Lummus 700 feeders
(3) 2013 model Superjets
(6) Lummus 86" lint cleaners
Lummus Battery Condensor
Lummus Door-Les Press
1 Year old Cyclone Bank

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