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We Buy & Sell Cotton Gin Machinery

60 years of experience in operating, erecting and repairing all makes of gins..

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Humphrey Coker Machinery Division

If you’re looking for assistance in selling your existing gin or seeking guidance in buying your first gin machinery or plant, our inside knowledge and engineering experience can help you through the process..
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Inventory: bale baggers, bale presses, burners, condensors, cyclones,electric motors, fans, feed controls, feeders, fountain dryers, gin stands, hot boxes, humidifiers, inclines, lint cleaners, module builders, module feeders, module trucks, mote balers, motor controls, overflows, roots blowers, seed houses, seed plugs, separators, stick machines, superjets, trash systems.

If you have a cotton gin or equipment your looking to sell, please give us the opportunity to give you a bid. We keep an inventory of used cotton gin equipment and cotton gin parts. Let us help you with all of your cotton ginning and pressing needs. Call 1-877 844-3882

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If you have a complete plant or individual gin machines you would like to sell, we will work with you to maximize your profits.

We can list your machines online across our large network of websites and assist you in obtaining top dollar and maximizing profits.

Or, we can agree on purchasing it which will expedite your sale.

■ Be sure to call us or fill out our request form to provide us with a list of the cotton gin equipment you are looking to sell. 

If you have cotton gin equipment & your looking to sell it, please give us an opportunity to give you a bid. 

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